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Shirleen's Biblical Kitchen on CanyonStar TV

Hey foodies and health enthusiasts, get ready to embark on a journey of deliciousness and wellness with Shirleen's Biblical Kitchen, now streaming for FREE on Canyon Star TV! 🌟 Hosted by the incredible Shirleen Sando, this show is all about embracing good health and whipping up nutritious culinary wonders. Learn more…

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When their mouths aren't full, this is what people have to say about Shirleen's Biblical Kitchen

"As Founder and CEO of Canyon Star TV, you can imagine the workload we carry on a day to day basis when you are talking about 750+ titles and thousands of episodes and shows. I Love and appreciate every one of them, especially Shirleen Sando's "Biblical Kitchen". Not only do I know first hand of her exceptional and great tasting recipes, but her Faith goes into everything she does!. How can you not be successful with that combination?

Take my word for it my friends, tune into Shirleen's Biblical Kitchen".

You can thank me later😊Joey Canyon, CEO Canyon Star TV

“The Einkorn Oatmeal cookies are the best. They are airy, so crisp, and flavorful!!!”

Linda Carver

“The Double Chocolate Chip Low Carb Cookies are moist, full of flavor, and so delicious”.

V. Carol Fisher



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